2MASS J23062928-0502285, also known as TRAPPIST-1, is an ultracool dwarf star.

Kepler-444 (or KOI-3158, KIC 6278762, 2MASS J19190052+4138043, BD+41 3306) is a star, estimated t

WISE J104915.57-531906 is a star system near the Milky Way.

Gliese 581, also known as GJ 581, is a red dwarf star approximately 20 light years from Earth.

PSR B1620-26 is a binary star system that also was the first multistar planetary system discovere

Upsilon Andromedae (υ Andromedae, υ And) is a binary star located approximately 44 light-years aw

51 Pegasi (abbreviated 51 Peg) is a Sun-like star located 50.9 light-years (15.6 parsecs) from Ea

HR 8799 is a young (~30 million-year-old) main sequence star located 129 light years (39 parsecs)

The Solar System consists of the Sun and its planetary system of eight planets, their moons, and